My ambition is to deliver a wedding album that conveys the message of your day; Adventure, Passion, & New Beginnings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - I can't wait to meet you.

Since 2016, I have journeyed with couples from the moment they say "Will You?", to the "I Do!" & beyond. I promise to bring positive energy, artistic-vision, & love to your special day, & I hope to leave with many new friends.

I'm Bruce Spear; Premium Wedding & Elopement Photographer specializing in capturing memories & moments today to live through tomorrow. Whether in a church, on a white-sand beach during golden hour, or a beautiful countryside, I promise to deliver an outstanding & unique photography experience.

Hello There,

I love to make people laugh, smile & feel great about themselves. I set out every day with the intention of being a bright spot in people's lives, & I will bring that same energy to your special day! Also, I grew up in the 90’s with Alternative Rock, Boy Meets World, & Adam Sandler being MAJOR influences in my formative years, so three quick takeaways about me are:

What made you want to become a wedding photographer?

behind the lens

a closer look

• I know almost every love song from the 90’s word-for-word
• Cory Matthews & Topenga Lawrence taught me at a young age what love was
• Sandler showed me the beauty of wearing your heart on your sleeve & getting the girl in the end.

I say all of that to make this point, no matter how cliché it most certainly is; I love, love! I can’t begin to express how special it is to be able to capture weddings for a living. I thoroughly enjoy everything about weddings; the planning, the attire, the electricity in the air, the gathering of friends & family to witness the joining of two hearts into one.. there’s no day quite like a wedding! Combine that with the special place that relationships of all kinds hold in my heart, & you’ll find a sappy guy who wants nothing more than to help you express your love in your own unique way.

Since 2016 I have been capturing weddings in the greater Midwest area, but my base of operations is in the gem we all know as Kansas City.

With that said, I am eager to follow you & your special day to wherever you want to go, & you get bonus points if that place just-so-happens to be a beach!

Where are you located? Can you travel?

My style of photography can best be described as free-flowing, storytelling, & expressive. I prefer to operate in the background throughout the day to truly capture the atmosphere & natural interactions taking place. There’s something that feels so-forced when a photographer tells you, “Okay, look at the camera & say cheese!” & my nightmare is that ever being what I am perceived as doing! I do love to hit some prompts & poses with my couples & wedding parties, but my goal is to make them as fun & free-flowing as possible. In a world full of “selfies” & “boomerangs”, I aim to leave you with photos that allow you to feel the emotions & relive the memories of your special day.

How would you describe your style?

My editing style has been tailored to be a hybrid of three styles; Light & Airy, Film Photography, & True-to-Life Color. Through my editing, I try representing your day in a fashion that doesn’t look tacky or too-stylized after 5 years have passed, but with enough enhancement that they will make your heart flutter with each click. No strange orange hues, brown casts, or overly-dramatic lit shots; just pictures that look the way that your memories feel. I also absolutely LOVE returning images edited in black-and-white, as I feel they are best at conveying a certain level of storytelling.

Please take a look at my portfolio to get a true feeling for how I represent my friends on their big day!

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It’s a common question; “How much do you charge?” But it’s not an easy question to answer, because one price does not fit all. When you contact me regarding your photography needs, we’ll talk all about the vision of the final product, location, styling, logistics, delivery methods, photo usage, & licensing requirements. We’ll talk about potential challenges of the shot, & plan for those challenges. My job is to produce your vision & infuse my style with it.

what is your pricing?

Absolutely! After your contract is signed & returned with a 50% deposit, I mark the date on my calendar & we begin our planning together to make sure your special day turns out just right.

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